Do Away with Being Busy

It’s like a badge of honor to be busy. We associate being busy with having a fulfilled life and always doing something. But is it really? Are we just over-stressing ourselves? Being busy doesn’t mean we have a great life. Maybe we are running ourselves crazy and not taking any time to rest. I think […]


10 ways to take care of yourself

Are you take care of the most important person – yourself? Are you showing yourself love and appreciating all that you do everyday. Here are 10 ways to show yourself some love any time of the year. Take care of your body Move your body everyday! You don’t have to do an intense hour long […]


Focus on the Journey

We all have goals and things that we want to accomplish. Our focus is on finishing them and achieving them but what if we started focusing on the journey instead. The journey that we are taking to get there. Focus on the small wins and tiny steps we are taking toward our goals. Here are […]

being yourself

Are you being your true self?

Are you being your true self or are you a version of yourself that other people have formed you into? With social media and the internet it’s hard to know what is real and fake. There are a lot of fake posts and people online. Are you letting them shape you into a different person. […]