3 Ways to Promote your Podcast

You need to promote your podcast and talk about it or no one will know it exists!

Make it fun so it doesn’t feel like promoting. You might feel that you are talking about your podcast too much but trust me there are some people who are just hearing you have a podcast for the first time.

Listen in as I discuss, ways to repurpose your podcast, how to have your guests promote your podcast, and having call-to-actions.

In this episode, we cover:


  • How to promote on social media
  • Having your guests promote your podcast
  • The importance of being guests on other podcasts
  • Why you should never stop talking about your podcast


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Podcasts are one of the best ways to grow your business because it’s free content for your audience to get to know, like, and trust you. That’s why in this podcast, your host, Jillian Grover is giving you all the tools and tips you need to launch your own podcast. This podcast will teach you how to brainstorm, create, and successfully launch your podcast so you can grow your business. The best part is that she keeps it short and sweet so you can go implement what you learn.

Jillian Grover is a Podcast Manager, coffee shop owner, and mother of three. Jillian helps successful women entrepreneurs get their message out through their podcasts so they can have more time to focus on their clients. She loves being a cheerleader for women entrepreneurs and watching them change lives!

If the value you give in your podcast improves your listener’s lives imagine what your course or program will do for them. So listen in each week as Jillian helps you get started with podcasting so you can impact more lives.

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