Audio Course Creation

Did you know that turning your video course to audio can help you reach a whole new audience and get more clients?

Turning your video course to audio allows your clients to listen to your content wherever they are – working out, doing dishes, in the school drop-off line.



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How does it work?

I take all your videos from your course and turn them into audio. Then I edit the audio so it sounds good. From there, your audio is uploaded into a private podcast host. Once clients sign-up for your course they will be given a link to download all your episodes on the podcast platform of your choice. No one else can have access to this podcast feed unless they have the link.

What if some things need to be video?

I can create a link in the show notes of that episode that leads to the video on YouTube. We will make it so only people with that link can access the video. So you can still have some videos if part of your course is visual. You would just need to record a short audio advising that is where they should go.

What do I need to do?

All I need from you is access to the backend of your course so I can access the videos. If something needs to stay a video I would just need short audio from you advising the listener to go to the show notes to access the video. Other than that there is nothing else you need to do.

How do we begin the process?

The first step is to book a discovery call with me so I can get more information. All prices depend on how many videos you have and how long they are. We will discuss everything that you want for your audio course. After I will send a proposal with a contract and invoice. Once the invoice is paid then I just ask for access to the backend and I take it from there. Any questions while I’m working I will reach out to you.

What happens to my current clients?

When I first start working with you, we will send an email template (that I provide) to your current clients advising of the upcoming change. This will allow time for them to ask questions while I am working on your course. Once the private podcast is complete, I will upload all your current clients to it and they will be sent a link to access the private feed.

How does someone sign up for the course once it becomes a private podcast?

They can sign up the same way they do now for your course if you use an outside payment processor. I can connect this to your private podcast feed for you using Zapier. If you currently don’t have an outside processor, I can set one up for you.


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