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The Law of Attraction with Krysten Scalfani

How do we attract all the things that we want into our lives? It starts with changing our mindset and reframing the way we think. Today I’m talking with Krysten Scalfani about how she uses the law of attraction in her life and business. “It’s not just being positive and saying everything’s fine and everything […]


Dealing with Changes with Ellen Hockley

Covid changed a lot of things for all of us.  Today I want to talk about those changes and how we can learn to pivot. I am talking with Ellen Hockley about how she had to make a big pivot in her business when Covid shut the world down. “It’s something that we are slowly […]


How to Successfully Launch Your Podcast

Do you want to launch your own podcast but you aren’t sure about where to begin? In this episode, I’m walking you through all the steps of launching your own podcast from your podcast name to releasing your first episodes. I cover every step and help you feel confident in launching your own podcast. Topics […]


The Importance of Self-Care with jess Aycock

Self-care is a very important part of your business.  If you don’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of your clients. That’s why I’m talking to Jessica Aycock today all about self-care. “I have to do what’s right for me before I can do what’s right for anybody else.” Topics we cover: […]


The Power of Your Menstrual Cycle with Michelle Makela-Belo

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I run my life and business off my menstrual cycle. That’s why I’m excited to talk to Michelle Makela-Belo all about our menstrual cycles and how to use it in our business. “The first thing I would say is to just take steps to learn your […]


Why you should Start a Podcast in 2022

Have you been thinking of starting a podcast? In this episode, I’m going to let you know why you should start a podcast in 2022. “Podcasts are just going to grow as the world gets busier and busier. I see audio courses growing as the world gets busier and busier, just so people can be […]


Overcoming the 3 C’s with Kim Breiland

No matter where you are in your life, health, or business, the 3C’s come up. Listen in as Kim Breiland from the Gumption Life tells us what exactly the 3C’s are and how we can overcome them. “Women will fall into two different patterns, where they’ll either fall into a compare and despair pattern, or […]


Imposter Syndrome with Vanessa Lora

As a mother and entrepreneur, Vanessa Lora knows all too well that feeling of imposter syndrome. Listen in as we chat about all things motherhood, running a business, and feeling like you aren’t good enough. “I think that like everyone has something that’s for everyone.” – Vanessa Lora Topics we cover: Overcoming mom guilt Fitting […]


Should your Podcast have a Website

Do you have a website for your podcast? Today I am talking with Michelle Pontvert all about if you should have a website and if so what do you need to have on it. ” If we are creating a website, we want to make sure we have the very basic customer journey that you […]


How I Became A Podcast Manager

Welcome to The Mindset of Podcasting. In this episode, I wanted to take a moment to share how I became a podcast manager and why I love podcasting.       I’m Jillian and I love helping women use the power of the voice to get their message out to the world. I believe podcasting […]

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