Imagine if you were so connected to your menstrual cycle. Now more then ever it’s so important for women to be connected to their own body’s flow.

Inside of my one on one mentorship program, it’s a 3 month experience to help you understand, unblock and expand your energy through aligning with your cycle and Chakras.

Not sure what cycle alignment is watch my short video that explains all about it:

By blending cycle alignment with Chakras you are able to understand your unique energy patterns, uncover your energy blocks as you move through each phase of your cycle and expand your energy.

The Align your Energy coaching program is a deep dive into your unique energy and what is blocking you from becoming the woman you want to be. Whether you want to be a better mom, wife, friend or even just a better version of yourself – cycle alignment and working with your Chakras does that. This coaching program helps you better understand how to communicate, nurture and create boundaries in your relationships. It also helps the most important relationship of all – YOU. We focus on self-love and self-care to create practices that work with your unique energy cycle and systems so you feel more productive, happier and aligned. We do the deep inner work and uncover what has been holding you back and how you can get in the flow with your body’s natural energy cycle.



Isn’t it time to go inward and find out how you function and connect to your unique energy? Let me be your guide and walk you through the steps. Before we go any further let me introduce myself and my experience.

Hi! I’m Jillian. I created this program because like you I didn’t know how I would wake up feeling. I felt like I was too busy and life kept getting in the way from connecting to who I truly am and what I wanted out of life but I was tired of living that way.

It wasn’t until I started researching about cycle alignment that I started understanding my natural energy flow and how to use it to my advantage. Then I learned about releasing stuck energy through working with my chakras to feel energetically aligned.

This changed everything for me. Now I know immediately when something is wrong energetically and how to fix it. I want to give you those tools too.


Inside of this program you will learn:


By the end of our 3 months together you will feel more aligned and more connected to yourself. You will be happier, more productive and have more energy. The best part is you will learn to love yourself!

I'm ready to apply!!!


What you will get with this program:

  • The feelings of knowing who you are and how your body works. No longer feeling tired and just going through the motions. You will have better relationships, more self-love and more energy to live a life you want.

  • We will go all in on a biweekly 1 hour Zoom call (6 total) where we will diagnose your natural cycle and get to any root issues you are having in order to work through them and heal them.

  • A self-care practice that fully aligns with your menstrual cycle and chakra blocks

  • Unlimited Voxer (voice messaging app) access to me in between calls so you know that you always have someone to turn to

  • Free access to my Cycle Basics Course

If this sounds like a YES to you then click the button below to apply. Once I receive your application then we can set upĀ  a discovery call to see if we are a good energetic match.

I'm ready to apply!!!


It is time for you to live a life you want and feel energized to fully embrace it. Cycle alignment is life changing and I know once you open up, get over the stigma of it you will live the most aligned life possible! I would be honored to help you do that.