How to Achieve Your Goals

Today I am talking with Haley Stephenson all about planning, which is one of my favorite topics.

Haley is a planning coach for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to stop doing shit they hate and start living a life they’re obsessed with. She helps business owners create more flow and creativity in their daily lives using her signature 3-part planning method to consistently reach their goals every single time. Her sweet spot as a coach is digging into the nitty-gritty of your personal and professional story and identifying the specific ways that all the messy, beautiful pieces of your life can come together ~in harmony~ to pave a productive, aligned path forward.

Listen in as we discuss, how to find your planning style, what you need to do to achieve your goals, and the one thing your goals are missing.



In this episode, we cover:


  • How to be more free-flowing with your goals
  • How to find the best planning method for you
  • The three steps of the GYST planning method
  • The way to set goals so you actually achieve them


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