Overcoming the 3 C’s with Kim Breiland

No matter where you are in your life, health, or business, the 3C’s come up. Listen in as Kim Breiland from the Gumption Life tells us what exactly the 3C’s are and how we can overcome them.

“Women will fall into two different patterns, where they’ll either fall into a compare and despair pattern, or we get into a more combative as if everything’s a competition and we have to put other women down in order to maintain or build the confidence. Instead of just cheering each other on and really feeling confident in who we are.”  – Kim Breiland

Topics we cover:

  • What the 3C’s are
  • How the 3C’s show up for a podcast host
  • Ways to overcome the 3C’s
  • What living a gumption life means

Meet Kim


Kim Breiland is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Life Coach. She received her training and certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marist College, where she majored in Communications, with a minor in Psychology. She combines her event planning background with her teaching background to become the most driven, committed, and passionate health & life coach on the east coast. She is the founder of The Gumption Life, a service-based company that provides 1:1 & group health coaching services, as well as a health & wellness blog & digital products shop. She helps her clients create a life-long plan that ensures their choices will be in harmony with their mind, body, and soul. She offers personalized support in identifying the root causes of weight gain, burnout, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and anything else that stands in the way of personal growth. Once you have gumption, you’ll have the guts to get rid of anything that hinders your advancement. Change your Narrative, Change your Life. Life is about the stories you tell. Let’s make them good ones.

“If you’re trying to match the tone, the content, the vibe of another podcaster, you are not showing up to the world as yourself and delivering the content that you originally had the idea for.” – Kim Breiland

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