Overcoming the 3 C’s with Kim Breiland

No matter where you are in your life, health, or business, the 3C’s come up. Listen in as Kim Breiland from the Gumption Life tells us what exactly the 3C’s are and how we can overcome them. “Women will fall into two different patterns, where they’ll either fall into a compare and despair pattern, or […]


Imposter Syndrome with Vanessa Lora

As a mother and entrepreneur, Vanessa Lora knows all too well that feeling of imposter syndrome. Listen in as we chat about all things motherhood, running a business, and feeling like you aren’t good enough. “I think that like everyone has something that’s for everyone.” – Vanessa Lora Topics we cover: Overcoming mom guilt Fitting […]


Should your Podcast have a Website

Do you have a website for your podcast? Today I am talking with Michelle Pontvert all about if you should have a website and if so what do you need to have on it. ” If we are creating a website, we want to make sure we have the very basic customer journey that you […]


How I Became A Podcast Manager

Welcome to The Mindset of Podcasting. In this episode, I wanted to take a moment to share how I became a podcast manager and why I love podcasting.     I’m Jillian and I love helping women use the power of the voice to get their message out to the world. I believe podcasting is […]

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The Mindset of Podcasting

Welcome to The Mindset of Podcasting. The podcast that not only talks about the tech and step-by-step process of how to start and manage your podcast but also about your mindset because your business and your podcast depend so much on your mindset. I will be diving deep into the mindset blocks and issues that […]


My Favorite Things

This is the last episode of season 2! I’m taking a little break for the holidays and will be re-releasing a few of my most popular episodes during that time. In this episode, I am going over my favorite things!  These are things I love and use all the time from equipment, programs, and podcasts. […]


How to Stay Organized with Your Podcast

Keeping your podcast organized is important but where do you store all your ideas and files? It can be overwhelming but I got you. I love organizing so listen in as I give you 3 tips on how to keep your podcast organized. In this episode, we cover: Places to store your audio files Using […]


3 Ways to Promote your Podcast

You need to promote your podcast and talk about it or no one will know it exists! Make it fun so it doesn’t feel like promoting. You might feel that you are talking about your podcast too much but trust me there are some people who are just hearing you have a podcast for the […]


How to Achieve Your Goals

Today I am talking with Haley Stephenson all about planning, which is one of my favorite topics. Haley is a planning coach for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to stop doing shit they hate and start living a life they’re obsessed with. She helps business owners create more flow and creativity in their daily lives […]


Here’s Where You’re Leaving Money on the Table

The goal of having a podcast is to help grow your business and make money. When you first start your podcast you won’t make a lot of money off of it but there are ways to earn money. Listen in as I discuss the three ways to monetize your podcast when you first start out. […]