Should your Podcast have a Website

Do you have a website for your podcast? Today I am talking with Michelle Pontvert all about if you should have a website and if so what do you need to have on it.

” If we are creating a website, we want to make sure we have the very basic customer journey that you want to send people through from not knowing who you are to actually working with you and booking whatever you have to offer or buying something actually on that site.” – Michelle Pontvert

Topics we cover

  • The benefits of having a website
  • Should your podcast have its own website
  • What are the basics that need to be on your website
  • What website host should you use

Meet Michelle


Michelle is a branding and website designer with 12 years of design experience, specializing in working with moms on a mission to grow their service-based businesses and spend more time with their families.

She has an MFA from the prestigious USC film school in set design, which gave her a solid design background and a knack for creative problem solving which shapes her business today.

Michelle lives with her husband and adorable 3 year old in Paris, far from her native Australia or adoptive homeland America, and balances serving her clients and being a hands-on Mum.

“We want people to kind of forget they are using a website. So anything that sort of pops up, draws them away, leads them away from that really core customer journey isn’t really serving your business, because ultimately, we want people to use that website to work with you.” – Michelle Ponvert

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