Sunday Basket


What is the Sunday Basket®?

The Sunday Basket® is a simple yet revolutionary concept that helps you run your house, stay on top of your to-dos and projects, and gives your paper a safe place to go.

When paper comes into your house you ask yourself, “Can this wait until Sunday?”, if it can, then it goes into the Sunday Basket®. If it can’t then that is something you need to take care of right away.

Then every Sunday you go through your basket of paper. You sort it and file it into slash pockets to be taken care of that week. If it doesn’t need to be taken care of that week then back into the basket it goes.

The key to the Sunday Basket® is that you have to go through everything in the basket EVERY Sunday.

The Sunday Basket® frees your mind from worrying that things will get done and allows you to focus your energy on what you need to get done this week.

How can the Sunday Basket® help me?

If you are anything like me you are overwhelmed with paper coming into your house. Whether it’s mail, bills, kids’ schoolwork, or receipts, our lives have a lot of paper in it even in this digital world.

Soon it starts to just pile up on the kitchen counter and you start forgetting things because the paper you needed is somewhere in that pile. The Sunday Basket®elminates the mess and helps you keep everything organized.

You can also put physical items in your Sunday Basket® to help you keep on track of errands and returns. This system will put your mind at ease and help you stay productive and organized.

What happens at a Sunday Basket® Workshop?

During a Sunday Basket® workshop, you will organize all your paper in real-time.

Before the workshop begins you will grab a basket (any that you have will do) and load it up with any paper that is just lying around your house and I mean ALL the paper. This basket is what you will bring to the workshop. You will also need to bring 5 folders or slash pockets.

At the workshop, I will teach you how to use the Sunday Basket®system and then you will get to go through all your paper on the Zoom call and ask any questions that you have as you are doing it.

This is a LIVE workshop, not a recorded webinar. You will be on camera and be able to be seen by me and the whole class.

How much is the Sunday Basket® Workshop and what is included?

The Sunday Basket® workshop is $30 for a 90-minute session.

Included in your session you will receive:

*The 4 step process for organizing your paper using the Sunday Basket®

*Time to work on all your paper

*A lesson on how to plan your week using the Sunday Basket®

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