Virtual Assistant

I’m so glad that you have landed on this page. It means your business is growing and you are ready to hand over some of the work so you can have more time for your clients.

Imagine having an organized system for your projects, programs and content. Now imagine that you didn’t have to organize it yourself- that sounds even better doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what I can help you do. Whether you need help for a few hours, a few months or forever, I can help organize your business so you can gain back your time to do the things you love in your business.

I do things a little different then just doing the work then leaving you. I want to be your cheerleader in your business. Leading you on, giving you some positive mindset and helping you achieve your dreams.

How can I help you in your business?

One of my passions is organization, whether it’s online or just organizing my house. My main goal as a Virtual Assistant is to organize and streamline your behind the scenes so you can quickly access what you need for your clients. I can do this for you in many different ways.

Most importantly I am there to help you during the hard times and be an important part of your business so it can grow. My #1 job is to support you and help in any way I can.

Who am I?

My name is Jillian and I have been an entrepreneur for 4 years. I use to be a coach but then I realized that I actually love all the behind the scenes work more than coaching. That’s when I decided to become a virtual assistant.

One of my favorite hobbies is organizing, whether its my content or my house. I am always making sure that everything has a place so it’s easy to access. Sometimes this drives my family crazy but they can at least always find what they are looking for:)

I have 15 years of office assistant experience. I have had to work with others to achieve a goal, write emails and manage communication. I am also a co-owner of a coffee shop with my husband. I helped grow our coffee shop 43% in one year and it continues to grow every year! A big part of growing that business was marketing and managing our social media presence.

I currently live in Upstate New York with my husband and 2 kids (ages 14 and 9). My oldest daughter lives on Long Island and is currently pregnant with my first grandson. I’m so excited! I love helping people and seeing them succeed. That’s what I want to do for you! Here are some ways that I can help take some of the load off your shoulders:

Email Management

Are you tired of trying to sort through your inbox to find that one email you are looking for or are you just overloaded with emails and can’t even get through them all? I can help. As your email manager I can:

Wouldn’t it be nice to not spend so much time inside your inbox? If email management is something you are looking for inside your business I have packages starting as low as $375 a month. Let’s hop on a call to determine what your needs are.

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Social Media Manager

Are you trying to keep up with all the platforms you are on plus all the messages you are getting and now you are just overwhelmed? Well that’s where a Social Media Manager can help. Replying to messages and posts can take up a lot of time and energy. Make it easy but allowing me to take over some of those things for you. As a Social Media Manager I can:

Prices depend on how many social media platforms you need covered so let’s hop on a call and chat about what you need.

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All in one Virtual Assistant

Do you need help with many different things in your business or are you not even sure where to get started? Let’s chat about how I can help you organize and streamline your business so you can be more productive and get more time back. Besides email and social media management some others things I can help with are:

It’s time to take back your time and freedom so you can make more money and change more lives. Click below to schedule a call so we can connect.

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