Imposter Syndrome with Vanessa Lora

As a mother and entrepreneur, Vanessa Lora knows all too well that feeling of imposter syndrome. Listen in as we chat about all things motherhood, running a business, and feeling like you aren’t good enough.

“I think that like everyone has something that’s for everyone.” – Vanessa Lora

Topics we cover:

  • Overcoming mom guilt
  • Fitting in time for self-care
  • How we can deal with imposter syndrome
  • Ways to quiet your inner critic

Meet Vanessa:


Vanessa is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur who left her 9-5 job in the middle of the pandemic to pursue her passions. She owns The Peony Paperie which sells chic and sophisticated stationery and wedding goods for the modern bride. Self-care is very important to her and how she is able to keep up with her busy life.

“You can look at someone and use it as inspiration versus saying oh, I should be doing this. Instead, say look how far they made it and I can make it that far or even farther too.” – Vanessa Lora

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